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Limba: engleza
Subiect: Jessica e fiica adoptiva a unei familii de evanghelisti, care o destinase vietii de misionar. Dar educatia religioasa stricta n-o impiedica pe adolescenta sa se indragosteasca de o alta fata. Recunoasterea propriei sexualitati si lupta Jessicai cu universul opac in care e obligata sa traiasca o vor pune pe tanara in fata unor alegeri importante in viata. (partial citat de pe )

Jessica's extraordinarily strong will and heart enables her to rebel against her fanatical, cult-like upbringing. From seven to seventeen Jess is brainwashed to be one of the 'saved', to devote her life to Jesus, to follow the discriminatory teachings of Pastor Finch and his understanding of Revelations. As her warm personality dictates she succeeds in fitting into this regime and spreads the word of Jesus in a fairly content manner. But when her friendship with Melanie develops into something a little more 'unnatural' she easily realizes the error of the Pastors teachings. The girls are subjected to terrible treatment to convince them to repent.

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