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Limba: franceza / French
Subiect: Gwen, o adolescenta, locuieste intr-un mic oras langa mare. Cea mai buna prietena a ei e Lise, o fata care vine sa isi petreaca vacanta de vara in fiecare an, cu familia, in orasul in care locuieste Gwen. Dar anul acesta lucrurile sunt diferite; la inceput se pare ca Gwen nu va veni deloc, si cand soseste in cele din urma, e clar ca Gwen s-a maturizat mult mai repede ca prietena ei.

Gwen is a teenager living in a small coastal town. Lise is her best friend, a city girl who comes every year with her family to spend the summer. This year things are different though; at first Lise might not come at all, and when she does it is obvious that Gwen grew up faster than she did.