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Tara / Country:  USA
Limba: engleza / English

Subiect: Kaye tocmai s-a mutat in New Orleans din Atlanta, impreuna cu familia ei. Intre ea si Emily, o colega de scoala energica si rebela, se leaga o prietenie speciala. Cele doua fete incep sa isi petreaca tot timpul impreuna. Emily chiar o ajuta pe Kaye sa fuga de acasa pentru cateva zile. Mamele celor doua fete nu sunt de acord cu aceasta prietenie. Mama lui Kaye, o persoana foarte religioasa, incepe sa suspecteze ce considera ea ca e cel e mai rau lucru din lume - ca intentiile lui Emily sunt de natura sexuala si ii vor corupe fiica. Silite sa se confrunte cu presiunea venita din partea colegilor de scoala si a familiei, Kaye si Emily trebuie sa aleaga intre promisiunile pe care si le-au facut una alteia, si a se integra intr-o societate care refuza sa le accepte.

Plot: When pretty but troubled Kaye moves to New Orleans from Atlanta with her mother and little brother, she forges a special friendship with Emily, a rebellious high school senior with troubles of her own. They become instant best friends, and begin spending all their free time together. Emily even helps Kaye run away from home. The girls' mothers do not approve of their relationship, and Emily's mother accuses her of associating to closely with a corrupted and confused young girl. As Kaye and Emily grow closer, Kaye's mother begins to suspect what she fears is the worse, that Emily's sexual prowess has corrupted her daughter. Faced with the ridicule from their peers, and the pressures of their families and conservative religious beliefs, Kaye and Emily are forced to choose between true love and the promises they've made to each other, and fitting into a society that refuses to accept them.
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